Computer Aided Design Methods Group Project: The Two-Stroke Blokes

Andrew Overby
5 / 4 / 2018


As part of the curriculum for ME 301 Computer Aided Design Methods, I was placed in a group of three in order to complete a drawing package of a split single two-stroke engine for an RC hydroplane. The 3D engine model and assembly / part drawings were fully designed in SolidWorks and we were given 4 weeks to complete the project. The final portfolio consisted of team management forms, a complete drawing package, renders, model assumptions, and lessons learned. Please refer to the following attached files for more details associated with the project. The original drawing packet this project was based from can also be viewed below. (Note: the picture of the full assembly above is one of our final renders.)

Please note that the drawing package is over 80 pages. It may take longer than expected to load in the browser window. Inside the drawing package there are dimensions that are an olive color. This is because they are not defined properly on the model. One of the quirks with SolidWorks we encountered is that merging drawings from different files does not work very effectively, especially for large assemblies. There was not much of a way around it, but also note that these dimensions still remain to scale and correct. 

Below is a package of the renders that were created for the project. This PDF may take a longer time to open as well.

For information on the assumptions that were made from the original drawing packet and the deligated project roles, please use the link below.

Always feel free to contact with further questions on the project. I look forward to performing more tasks like this in the future.